2″ x 10′  Swivel J Hook Ratchet Assembly w/Grip Strip
Through the use of the high-quality and durable 2-Inch by 10-Foot Swivel J Hook Ratchet Strap with Grip Strip & Sleeve from CarCarrierSupplies, you will be able to experience the kind of superior holding strength that you need to keep the vehicle secured throughout transport. This is a solid yet incredibly flexible strap that features the right combination of durable hardware and strong webbing. Able to handle a working load limit of 3,670 lbs., the strap is made from CarCarrierSupplies Polyester Classic Webbing, which offers the high-quality strength to help with the everyday jobs in the industry.

The strap is equipped with a set of swivel J Hooks that offer a strong and supportive grasp on the vehicle during transit. Their shape allows them to easily insert right into the anchoring points of the vehicle. The ratchet buckle provides you with the ability to tighten down the strap to the right amount of tension to keep the vehicle held in place. Along with a protective sleeve to guard the webbing against wear, the strap also includes a grip strip that works to keep the vehicle’s tires from shifting.

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Swivel J Hook Ratchet Tie Down Straps

Additional information

Weight 67 lbs
Dimensions 20 × 11 × 11 in


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