2-Inch Roll Back Tie-Down System with Snap Hooks



For getting the vehicle fully stabilized for transportation, we recommend you try using The 2″ Original Patented Roll Back Tie-Down System with Snap Hooks from CarCarrierSupplies. With the help of this reliable kit, you can gain back more control over the vehicle securement job. The kit helps cover all angles, using its patented design to keep the vehicle’s wheel from shifting around during transit. This helps free up the suspension so that it can absorb the shocks of the road, protecting the vehicle from damage. This kit is designed for carriers with four tie-down points on the bed.

The kit includes four 14′ or 18’ long straps with snap hooks and four short straps with lined eyes depending on which kit you purchase along with a convenient carry case. The straps are engineered from high-quality CarCarrierSupplies Polyester Classic Webbing and feature a working load limit of 4,000 lbs. The kit also includes four ratchets with snap hooks so that you can apply tension to the strap directly from the vehicle. The snap hooks are designed to quickly establish a reliable connection to the vehicle’s anchoring points while the lined eyes promote greater wear resistance.


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Weight 20 lbs


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