2-Inch Heavy-Duty Swivel J Hook Ratchet Strap with Grip Strip




The high-quality 2-Inch Heavy-Duty Swivel J Hook Trailer Strap with Grip Strip & Sleeve from CarCarrierSupplies is one of the most useful and long-lasting solutions when it comes to securing vehicles for transportation. Designed to provide reliable stability by gripping the vehicle in a strong hold, it prevents shifting during transit. Available in 12’ and 14’ lengths and able to handle a working load limit of 3,670 lbs., the strap offers superior holding strength you can trust. Engineered from CarCarrierSupplies Heavy-Duty (CCSHD) Webbing, its increased thickness means increased longevity and toughness.

For increased security, the strap is equipped with a pair of high-quality swivel J Hooks made from solid steel for better durability. The grip strip provides additional traction for the tires, keeping them in place and preventing shifting. Additionally, the strap includes a protective sleeve to prevent abrasive damage from constant rubbing against the vehicle.

Additional information

Weight 62.50 lbs
Dimensions 10 × 20 × 10 in


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