2″x12′ Heavy-Duty Double Finger Hook Trailer Strap w/Grip Strip



If you want to get a strap that will hold up even under immense vehicle pressure and outdoor elements, then the 2-Inch Heavy-Duty Double Finger Hook Trailer Strap with Grip Strip from B/A Products Co. is the right choice for this tough industry. Available in 12’ and 14’ lengths, it is designed to handle the tougher jobs with greater ease, providing you with a superior level of security that you can trust. Engineered from B/A Heavy-Duty (BAHD) Webbing, the strap is thicker and heavier with 50-percent more fibers than our Classic Webbing, offering an increase in longevity and durability. The strap can easily handle a working load limit of 3,330 lbs.

For better security, this heavy-duty strap is equipped with a pair of high-quality double finger hooks that offer a strong grip on the vehicle’s anchoring points. They are designed to be slim enough so that they can easily attach to the harder-to-reach points along the vehicle’s frame. The strap is also equipped with a grip strip that provides an extra layer of security. It is designed to prevent the vehicle’s tires from shifting around during transit.

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Weight 5.00 lbs


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