• 2-Inch Natural Web Swivel J Hook Trailer Strap with Grip Strip & Sleeve available in 12’ and 14’ Lengths.

For getting the job done with better ease and efficiency, we recommend you try using the high-quality 2-Inch Natural Web Swivel J Hook Trailer Strap with Grip Strip & Sleeve from B/A Products Co. This is a strong and durable strap that allows you to overcome the many different challenges that you often encounter in this industry. Available in 12’ and 14’ lengths and capable of handling a working load limit of 3,670 lbs., the strap is engineered from high-quality B/A Heavy-Duty (BAHD) Webbing, which boasts over 50-percent more fibers than our Classic Webbing, providing extra longevity and durability to the strap. The webbing has a natural coloring for better resistance against fading.

In order to overcome the challenge of transporting the vehicle, we have equipped the strap with a pair of highly strong and durable swivel J Hooks, which are designed to easily attach right to the vehicle’s anchoring points for a reliable connection. The grip strip included is designed to prevent the tires from shifting during transit. Also, the protective sleeve that is included works to prevent the strap from rubbing against the vehicle, which could cause abrasive damages.

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