About us

After losing my job of 10 years I did not want to go back to work for corporate America. With the help of my friend and mentor Devinder Singh Benipal, I was able to start my own business. He invested in this business because he saw the demand, need and how we could provide the best service and prices. That is how CarCarrierSupplies was born.

I wanted to be hands on I wanted to learn as much as I could about the products the clientele and their needs.

So Manheim of Orlando in Ocoee Florida it was, One day a white van pulled up I opened my Store on wheels. The Car Carriers were probably thinking to themselves “Who the heck is this guy”? So three years later CarCarrierSupplies became the part of car hauler community that has built trust, friendship and reliability

Not like other on line stores I was and still am on site shaking hands, listening to your needs and demands. Being able to be there when you need me, well now my online store is also up and running and taking orders. (We are still in the process of building our online store) My promise to you is to $ave you money and your valuable time. Because I “Personally” know how hard Car Carriers work I say this all the time….. Hauling Ain’t Easy ™